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"I make people famous.  That's what I do!"™ --Clifford G. Harrison


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"I make people famous. That's what I do!"™ --Clifford G. Harrison

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~Building books is our business, building humanitarian empires is our passion.™~

Clifford G. Harrison
~Innovator in Fiction & Nonfiction™~

Shhhhh! Keep the secret! Our first orthonym-published eBooks will be our inauguration editions.  The first to be released will be a nonfiction book from the Clifford G. Harrison DIY Freedom & Independence Library entitled Secret Weapons to the DIY Bedbug, Cockroach, Super Lice and General Insect Eradication Systems. It is the Ultra-Abridged Edition. It is Book 1 in the Revolutionary Eradication Systems Series. The Abridged Edition, Book 2, will follow and the Unabridged Edition, Book 3 will come later. "I live in poverty so others can be free." --Cliff Harrison  ~ "I live in poverty so others can live."--Cliff Harrison