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"Thanks, for your purchases, my daddy will buy me extra treats and toys with the proceeds. Yummy!"

~ Freedom 

DIY Books
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  Slashed Prices 

Our current Nonfiction lineup. We are changing the covers for the Secret Weapon Series 1-3 for 2022 and lowering the prices.

 “We will help you with inflation. We reduced our book prices to rock bottom. Save big now at author’s page at Amazon.com.”


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Coming in July 2023

New Release 7 November 2021

We Stand with Ukraine 


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Coming Soon! 

Coming Soon! 

and our mission 

Our promotion was a success with over 300 units sold. Very nice!

We reached three different bestsellers list for all four nonfiction books promoted.

All four books were #1 bestsellers with the other three taking the #2, #3 and #4 slot in rotation.

It was a great run and worth the time and effort to promote these older books in our content library.

We are working hard to improve future works and make them more enjoyable to read and learn.

Thank you for all of you who took advantage of this book promotion opportunity and helping us reach the three bestsellers list and ranking high with bestseller placement in #1, #2, #3 and #4 positions.

Please leave a review when you finish reading the books.

We will have more promotions soon. Thanks, again.  

Vegas Themed Stories
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"Don't be overrun by nasty bugs. Get your essential how-to DIY bug eradication books today. 

Watch this page for more how-to DIY books and discounts that come with them. Thanks for your loyal reading. Please leave reviews at Amazon.com after reading your purchases. Thanks." 

Our Brand New Book Covers for 2022

A world of Stories
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Knock Bugs Dead! TODAY!

Promotion ended. Bargain deals closed.

Monitor this page for  future sales and discounts. 

A Large, and growing selection of nonfiction books. diy Short reads at Slashed prices!


Building a growing library of nonfiction books

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our books

Freedom's Story Coming Soon!

We are a tee bit overcrowded but it is only temporary during our relaunch and promotions. Soon we will declutter and get rid of all the BUGS!

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Although multiple drawbacks and delays frustrated us with unsurmountable challenges, we continue to strive for our ultimate goal which is producing high-quality material across our media network with a greater focus currently on eBooks. We are especially focused on short-reads, in the pulp-fiction, fast & furious style with the lowest possible prices slashed from their true value....

Join us as we move into the next era of publishing technology….

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Clifford G. Harrison