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The author uses two variants of his name, an abbreviated short form, and the full name in long form. Clifford G. Harrison is used in most nonfiction works while Cliff Harrison is used for most fiction writing. At a glance a reader can distinguish the two categories of the author’s writings by noting the byline.

“When life is dramatic, record it and write the drama of it.” –Clifford G. Harrison 

Interruptions can be devastating to a writer’s life. But if one does not overcome such disruptions his craft and his career will be destroyed. So, overcome he must.  Follow our example of survival as we tell our story. We have many essays and articles featuring DIY material as well as commentaries, Op-eds, opinion pieces and other journalistic works for you to learn from.  We also have an expanding content library of series and standalone short reads, full-length nonfiction books and collections.

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Although multiple drawbacks and delays frustrated us with unsurmountable challenges, we continue to strive for our ultimate goal which is producing high-quality material across our media network with a greater focus currently on eBooks. We are especially focused on short-reads, in the pulp-fiction, fast & furious style with the lowest possible prices slashed from their true value.

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We'll present unique ideas, solutions to problems, controversial and bold at times, but always meaningful.  Our mission is simple, to make the world a better place in which to live....